Use Testing To Develop an Indoor Air Quality Plan

Use Testing To Develop an Indoor Air Quality Plan

Indoor air testing is a great service to have performed periodically in order to determine what culprits may be eroding the quality of your indoor air. These results can help you form an indoor air quality plan and determine needed changes to your home to ensure you’re breathing the healthiest and safest air possible. A number of different things are usually looked at during a test, and they include mold spores, humidity levels and presence of chemicals in the air.

Humidity levels in the home should remain between 30 and 60 percent. Often during the year in Georgia, humidity levels rise uncomfortably outside, and this brings moisture levels up inside the home. Levels above 60 percent create a breeding ground for mold spores and can cause rotting and damage to the structure of a home. A whole-house dehumidifier unit can bring levels back to normal, and if certain rooms are worse than others, stand-alone units do a great job to bring those rooms to a safe level as well.

Breathing in mold can cause inflammation and irritation of the airways. Allergy and asthma symptoms can increase in sensitive people. Utilizing an air purification unit as well as regularly cleaning or changing the filters in your heating and cooling equipment is important to battle these particles. You should also look into using a dehumidifier unit to reduce the moisture levels in your home.

You can contact Powers Heating & Air for more information on how an air quality test can help you form a healthful indoor air quality plan. Taking the necessary steps to improving your indoor air can help your home andyour health.

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