Get Ventilation And Energy Savings With Solar Attic Fans

Get Ventilation And Energy Savings With Solar Attic Fans

When heat and moisture accumulate inside the attic of your home, the result can be a variety of problems. Warmth and dampness encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which can damage the roof and walls of your attic and destroy insulation. Mold spores can move from your attic down into your home. Heat can also seep down into your home causing your air conditioner to work harder.

The solution is increasing the ventilation by increasing airflow and, in the process, lowering the temperature and moisture in the attic. You will find your home is more comfortable and less costly to cool.

How do you achieve proper ventilation in your attic without increasing your utility bills?

Solar attic fans! 

  • The sun radiates down on your roof, heating up the attic space below. Soffits and/or gable vents will allow some air circulation, but can’t force the heated air outside. Heat builds up inside the attic.
  • With a solar attic fan, the photovoltaic panel collects sunlight to power fan motors which will increase air movement.
  • The increased air movement provides pressure which will force the hot attic air outside, reducing temperature by as much as 40 degrees.
  • Solar attic fans operate automatically and will remove heat and moisture from your attic continuously through daylight hours.
  • These fans help reduce the usage of your air conditioner – saving energy and lowering utility bills.
  • During summer months, solar attic fans will help prevent heat and moisture damage to your roof, attic walls and insulation.
  • In the winter, solar attic fans will prevent the accumulation of moisture which can lead to ice dams forming along the roof edges.
  • Solar attic fans work with your attic’s existing vents and no electrical wiring is required.
  • Solar attic fans qualify for Federal Solar Tax Credits and may qualify for local and/or state utility credits.
  • The biggest advantage of a solar attic fan may be the cost of operation – nothing, because sunshine is free!    

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