Is Now The Time To Upgrade To A High-Efficiency Furnace? Do The Math

Is Now The Time To Upgrade To A High-Efficiency Furnace? Do The Math

Most everyone is trying to save money these days. Sometimes people try to save money by delaying purchases or by going with the cheapest options. At Powers Heating and Air, we are definitely in favor of saving money. To do so, though, you need to consider the long-term costs involved. Sometimes going with the cheapest option or continuing with the status quo does not save you money at all.

Take furnaces, for example. The cost of heating fuel has gone up considerably over the years. When fuel was cheaper, the efficiency of furnaces was not a major concern, so most models simply weren’t that efficient. Now that prices are higher, furnaces have become much more fuel-efficient. And that means that holding on to your old furnace or choosing an inexpensive low-efficiency replacement may not save you money at all.

Furnace efficiency is measured by annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE. AFUE is stated as a percent, which makes it relatively easy to calculate how much a high-efficiency furnace could save you on your heating bills.

For example, if you are paying $1,000 per year on your heating bills, and you have a furnace with a 75-percent AFUE, that means you are really paying $750 to heat your home and an additional $250 because of inefficiencies in your furnace. If your furnace were 100 percent efficient, you would eliminate that $250 in waste. Though no furnace is perfectly efficient, some new models come close — up to 98 percent AFUE. That 2 percent inefficiency only works out to about $15 in wasted fuel, instead of $250 — a savings of $235 a year, every year, over the life of the system.

Having a more efficient furnace also means you can buy a smaller furnace and get the same heating output. Plus, if you choose a system with an AFUE of at least 95 percent, you can earn credits on this year’s federal taxes.

To learn more about the high-efficiency furnaces available for your Georgia home, contact us at Powers Heating and Airin Peachtree City. We’re happy to help you save money.

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