Remember To Put Draining The Water Heater On Your Autumn To-Do List

Remember To Put Draining The Water Heater On Your Autumn To-Do List

Autumn is beautiful in Peachtree City. The trees are turning golden, the weather is beginning to cool, and the children are back in school. As nice as it would be to just spend all of this season relaxing and enjoying ourselves, we know we have to use at least some of this time to get ready for winter. And one of the things to put on the to-do list is draining the water heater. Doing this annually will extend the life of this much-needed piece of equipment.

First, turn off the gas or breaker that controls the area where the unit is located. Then close the incoming-water valve and attach a hose to the drain valve with the other end of the hose in a large bucket or outside. Open the drain valve, and open a hot-water faucet inside the house to allow air to enter the system.

Second, wait for the water to drain, and then inspect the inside of the tank for sediment, lime, rust or any other buildup. If there is noticeable buildup, try to flush it out with warm water or contact a professional who can remove it without damaging the glass lining in the tank.

Third, if the tank is clean, and the water coming from the hose is clear, close all the valves, and refill the tank. Check the temperature and pressure valve to make sure everything is sealed and working properly.

Fourth, check the joints for leaks. The best way is to apply a mixture of dish soap and water to the joints and monitor for bubbles.

Fifth, turn the temperature down a few degrees to save yourself a little money and prolong the life of your water heater.

These five steps can help you save money on your energy bill and keep your water heater functioning properly. Sediment that’s allowed to accumulate inside your unit can discolor the water and make it smell. Fresh water in the tank will help to prevent corrosion and keep your water supply clean.

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