Three Places In Your Home Where It Can Pay To Insulate

Three Places In Your Home Where It Can Pay To Insulate

Upgrading your home’s insulation is a worthwhile investment that will pay for itself in the coming years with what you save in lower monthly energy costs.

It probably goes without saying that the more insulation you have in your home, the better your energy cost savings. Insulation also affects the overall comfort of your home, by creating home temperatures that are much more consistent and that correspond to weather demands.

You may be wondering where to insulate your home for maximum efficiency.  Experts agree that the most strategic sites are:

  • The attic.
  • The foundation.
  • The ductwork.

The attic should be sealed first, if possible, as air leaks will work counter to the insulation’s heat barrier. Normally, blanket (also called batt or roll) or loose-fill insulation is used. Batt insulation can be easily obtained, consists of a flexible fiber, like fiberglass, and comes in a roll. Loose-fill insulation is composed of small pieces of recycled waste material, such as cellulose (wood or paper fiber) or fiberglass.

Your foundation’s insulation will depend on whether you have a crawl space, slab or basement.

  • Before insulating a crawl space or basement, it’s recommended to seal air leaks, as well as to employ moisture-control and -sealing steps. The choice of insulation here depends on a few factors, such as whether or not the crawl space is ventilated and whether you are insulating a new home or an existing one.
  • With slabs, just insulating the outside perimeter can put a big dent in your energy bills. And even in areas where the winters are mild, slab insulation can make your home more comfortable in the winter. In the summer it will keep cool air from escaping.

Ductwork is typically insulated with fibrous board or rigid fiber board insulation, made of either fiberglass or mineral wool. It is installed either inside the ducts or attached to the outside of them.

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