Why It Pays To Lower Your Heating Load Before You Upgrade Your HVAC System

Why It Pays To Lower Your Heating Load Before You Upgrade Your HVAC System

Why It Pays To Lower Your Heating Load Before You Upgrade Your HVAC SystemUpgrading your HVAC system is a major investment that will have major ramifications on your comfort and energy costs for years to come. If you want to lower not only your monthly energy usage but also the upfront cost of the equipment, you should reduce your heating load before you purchase a new HVAC system.

Your heating load refers to how much energy your home needs to be warmed properly. The less energy efficient your home is, the higher your load will be. You always need to have a load calculation performed on your house before you get a new HVAC system to make sure you get a system that is appropriately sized for your needs. By reducing your load, you will have smaller energy requirements — meaning you can purchase a smaller and less expensive system without losing any comfort.

There are many simple and affordable steps you can take to increase your home’s energy efficiency. One simple step is to seal your ducts. Leaks and cracks cause the average home to lose 30 percent of its conditioned air before it ever gets to the supply vents. You can purchase duct mastic from a local hardware store to cover these gaps and loose connections to ensure air doesn’t escape before reaching its destination.

Weatherstripping is also very useful. It is an insulative material that can be applied to the perimeter of doors and windows to block out drafts and keep your conditioned air inside. Plastic insulation can be spread over your windows for the same effect.

The most efficient way to find all the areas of your house that are losing energy is to have an energy evaluation performed. An HVAC professional will perform tests that will be able it accurately locate areas where air is seeping out, and provide you with recommendations to fix them.

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