A Gas Fireplace Retrofit: All the Warmth And Coziness Without the Work And Cleanup

A Gas Fireplace Retrofit: All the Warmth And Coziness Without the Work And Cleanup

Sitting around a fireplace in the fall or winter is not only a good way to relax, it also helps heat your home. Using firewood can entail lot of work, however, and it’s messy. Buying firewood in small bundles costs more than buying a cord at a time, but storing it attracts insects and small animals. The climate in Peachtree City is hospitable for termites, fire ants and carpenter ants — which you’d probably prefer not to have in your yard, much less your home.

A gas fireplace retrofit can change all that, while still providing you with gentle warmth and realistic flames. Modern gas logs so closely resemble burning wood logs in a fireplace that often people have to ask whether it’s wood or gas. Besides eliminating the cost and mess of firewood, a gas fireplace does not pose any of the hazards of burning wood indoors. With a gas fireplace, you eliminate these hassles:

  • Lugging wood indoors
  • Starting the fire
  • Smoke entering the home
  • Soot in the chimney
  • Hauling ashes away
  • Flying embers

A gas fireplace also provides instant heat, and you can turn it off when you need to leave the room, go to bed or go outside, eliminating any worries about leaving a wood fire unattended. Gas burns much cleaner than wood and does not add any airborne pollutants indoors or out.

It’s fairly simple for a professional to retrofit your fireplace for gas. The inserts slide into the existing firebox, a technician runs a gas line to the fireplace and installs the switches. The gas line hooks to the logs to supply the fuel. Some retrofit kits even use remote controls to turn the fireplace on or off in seconds. You can also opt for a fireplace fan to help spread heat throughout the room or use glass doors as a design element.

If you would like more information about retrofitting your wood-burning fireplace for gas, contact us at Powers Heating & Air.

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