How A Dual-Fuel System Maximizes Your Energy Savings Without Sacrificing Your Home Comfort

How A Dual-Fuel System Maximizes Your Energy Savings Without Sacrificing Your Home Comfort

Winter is on the horizon, a season that usually brings high energy bills. But many Georgia residents can keep their energy costs low by investing in a dual-fuel system for heating and cooling their homes.

A dual-fuel system uses two different kinds of HVAC equipment: a heat pump and a traditional furnace. A heat pump can deliver 300 percent more energy than it takes to heat your home, compared to a gas furnace, which typically has an efficiency rating of 90 percent or less.

A heat pump, which uses electricity, works very efficiently when the outdoor temperature is 32 degrees or higher. When it’s colder than that, a heat pump struggles to provide the needed heat for your home. But with a dual-fuel system, the heat pump would turn off when the temperature gets too low, and a gas- or oil-fueled furnace would take over the job of heating your home. Furnaces that use fossil fuels are much more energy efficient at low temps.

Heat pumps also serve as an air conditioner, which is another reason why they are an attractive option for Georgia homeowners.

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