The Ductless System: Mini In Name Only

The Ductless System: Mini In Name Only

The Ductless System: Mini In Name OnlyIf you are looking for a complement to your current heating system, you should strongly consider a ductless system. They provide you with an energy-efficient solution whether you are looking to get more conditioned air into newly added rooms or are simply looking to bolster a “non-ducted” heating system. They offer a number of benefits other heating alternatives can’t, while avoiding the shortcomings of typical forced-air systems.

A ductless system has three main parts: a compressor, air handlers and a ductless conduit that connects them. Conditioned air is generated in the compressor and sent to the air handlers through the conduit. While a forced-air system that relies on ductwork can lose more than 30 percent of its conditioned air before it ever reaches your living spaces, a ductless conduit loses none, making them remarkably efficient.

You can have up to four air handlers being sent air from a single compressor. The conduit requires that a 3-inch hole be drilled in the wall of the room that you want a handler in but that is essentially all that is required for the installation. The compressor can be kept up to 50 feet away from your house so that you reach opposite ends of your home.

Each air handler has its own thermostat that determines the temperature of the air that is sent to it. This means that someone in one part of your house can have a different temperature than someone elsewhere without either party being disturbed.

The air handlers are flexible and can easily be incorporated into your living areas. They can be hung from the wall or ceiling or you can buy a floor-standing model, whatever best suits your needs. They also typically come with remote controls so that turning them on and off is just as easy as flipping a light switch. And because they only need to be ran while the room is occupied, you can simply turn them off when you leave to save energy.

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