Why A Variable-Speed Blower Motor Can Help Your System Run Longer And Better

Why A Variable-Speed Blower Motor Can Help Your System Run Longer And Better

A variable-speed blower motor can help Georgia homeowners save energy through the use of both their heating and cooling systems, because both systems use the blower motor to move conditioned air into your home. Variable-speed models also tend to last longer, so you get maximum efficiency over a longer life span, along with several other benefits.

A variable-speed blower motor can operate at any of several speeds, whereas conventional systems operate at two speeds: on or off. And when they’re on, they’re blowing air out and into your home at 100 percent capacity; however, the weather doesn’t always demand 100 percent capacity. Having variable options, therefore, is beneficial, because the system can respond to the weather demands on a minute-by-minute basis, saving you energy and increasing your home comfort.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:

A variable-speed blower motor increases energy savings

Because a variable-speed system runs at lower levels throughout the day, with less demands on electricity, you save more money on energy consumption.

A variable-speed blower motor increases life span

When the system doesn’t run at full capacity year-round, there is decreased wear and tear on the system. Therefore, you get a better return on your investment.

A variable-speed blower motor increases comfort

With a variety of speeds, these units provide better comfort, no matter what the weather. During summer and winter, systems that start up at low speeds, and run more often at low speeds, produce more even heating and cooling, instead of strong, occasional blasts of air. In addition, because a variable-speed unit continuously circulates air, it can better mange humidity removal and improve indoor air quality.

A variable-speed blower motor reduces noise

Those strong blasts of air at 100 percent capacity are noisy. Blower motors that cycle on at lower levels are quiet, and they gradually ramp up to higher speeds, improving the quality of life around your home.

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