Cold And Flu Season’s Coming — Make UV Lights Part Of Your Defensive Strategy

Cold And Flu Season’s Coming — Make UV Lights Part Of Your Defensive Strategy

Not content to succumb to colds and the flu this year, like you have most preceding ones? Ultraviolet (UV) lights can help to purify your home’s indoor air and give you a measure of protection over germs.

UV lights are particularly effective at targeting a certain class of pollutants. Namely, mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses, when in the line of UV lights, succumb to their air-purification abilities. By using safe ultraviolet lights in combination with your HVAC system, you can purify the air in your home each time it circulates through your heating equipment.

How Does It Work?

UV lights have a good reputation for fighting germs. That’s because the UV rays zap pollutants at the core of their cells, or the DNA. The rays actually change the structure of the cell, and once they’re altered they can’t multiply any longer. Once they don’t have the ability to reproduce, they are no longer a threat to indoor air quality or your health.

What Benefits Do UV Lights Offer?

  • With each pass through the HVAC system, UV rays will clear pollutants from the air, taking your home from germ-filled to germ-free.
  • UV rays will also keep your HVAC system clean, which is particularly critical to ensuring efficiency.

Why Are UV Lights Necessary Today?

You might be wondering why UV-light systems are so valuable when people have survived for centuries without them? The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that indoor air is now more polluted than outdoor air, and it’s on the agency’s list of top five environmental hazards. With homes becoming more and more airtight, germs generally have no way to escape the home. Without a ventilation system, the air in the home remains stagnant. As a result, cold and flu season can be much more of a problem for some homeowners than others.

You can use UV lights as part of an effective strategy to combat poor indoor air quality, and keep colds and flu at bay this year. If you’d like help selecting or installing a system, contact the experts at Powers Heating & Airtoday.

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