Furnace Repair Or Furnace Replacement: Which Is The Right Option For Your Home?

Furnace Repair Or Furnace Replacement: Which Is The Right Option For Your Home?

Furnace Repair Or Furnace Replacement: Which Is The Right Option For Your Home?The decision of whether to proceed with a furnace rerepair or furnace replacement involves several key factors. The efficiency of your existing furnace, the cost of fuel in the Fayette or Coweta County area and the heating load of your home will all play a role in determining the outcome. And it’s important to weigh each factor, as heating costs generally consume the majority of most energy budgets. 

To see where your heating system rates in the question of furnace repair or replacement, consider these three factors:


If your current system is fairly new, you could benefit from upgrading one component — the air handler, for instance — to increase energy savings as a result of decreased electricity consumption. That would increase your home comfort dramatically with a relatively inexpensive upgrade.

Very old furnaces tend to be inefficient, and even homeowners who are using systems that are relatively new can benefit from the increased efficiency of newer systems. As a general rule of thumb, if your furnace is older than 10 years, you’ll probably benefit from replacement. Look for an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating above 90 percent to maximize energy savings.

Fuel Costs

If you’re currently using a natural gas-powered furnace, you’re likely getting good rates for the area. However, while electric furnaces are generally efficient, it can cost a lot to run them because of electricity prices, and switching to a heat pump could lead to better energy savings and home comfort.

Heating Load

A home’s heating load is the amount of heat your heating system must generate in order for you to stay comfortable. Even if you retrofit your system, you can benefit from reducing the heating load through actions like upgrading insulation and sealing air leaks.

When upgrading to a new system, however, it’s ideal to reduce the heating load, as you might be able to purchase a smaller system.

Whether you invest in a furnace reepair or replacement, it’s best to have a qualified HVAC contractor assess your current furnace’s condition and evaluate each option. Contact the HVAC experts at Powers Heating & Airtoday.

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