What Clicks, Pops And Goes Boom? An Indisposed Furnace

What Clicks, Pops And Goes Boom? An Indisposed Furnace

What Clicks, Pops And Goes Boom? An Indisposed FurnaceYour furnace may be trying to tell you something if you hear clicks, pops and booms. Here’s a look at what these sounds probably mean, and when to seek professional HVAC service.

  • Clicking sound before the gas ignites: The flame sensor, which tells the furnace when gas is lit, is probably coated with a layer of grime and delivering bad information to the indisposed furnace. The sensor is rod that is surrounded by a flame when the gas ignites. You can clean the sensor yourself by turning off the furnace, dislodging the sensor, and rubbing it down with sandpaper. If the clicking sounds persist, the sensor should be replaced.
  • Popping sound in the ductwork: Metal ducts are used to distribute heat around your home. When the metal expands, it can make a popping sound if it was installed with less-than-professional methods. You might also hear rattling if something is loose. Either way, you can have a technician put flexible insulation in the ductwork to help lessen the noise.
  • Booming sound when the furnace ignites: The burners are probably dirty if you hear a loud boom or a sequence of booms when the gas ignites. Over time, the burners, which are round pipes located beneath the flames, collect ash and carbon. Gas builds up behind this debris until it finally pushes its way through. You hear a loud boom as the gas gets past the debris and ignites. This symptom of an indisposed furnace can cause serious problems if you don’t address it. A professional can clean the burners quite quickly and at a significantly lower cost than replacing your furnace or any of its parts.

If you hear these or other strange noises coming from your heating equipment, have your indisposed furnace checked out as soon as possible. Contact Powers Heating and Air today for quality service in Peachtree City.

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