The Low-Down On Carbon Monoxide Detectors: They Save Lives, But Are You Choosing The Right One?

The Low-Down On Carbon Monoxide Detectors: They Save Lives, But Are You Choosing The Right One?

The Low-Down On Carbon Monoxide Detectors: They Save Lives, But Are You Choosing The Right One?Hundreds of deaths every year are caused by carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas. You can protect yourself and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning by installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home. However, not all detectors are created equal. There are different types of detectors, and you should choose one that best fits your needs.


These detectors are powered by batteries, so they can be installed anywhere. The batteries will need to be replaced every two to three years. They work by sounding an alarm when high levels of carbon monoxide is detected. Most battery-only detectors come with a silence button.


Plug-in detectors will need to be installed near outlets, so this might limit your options somewhat. Another option is to hire an electrician to hard-wire your detector so you have more flexibility with choosing a location for it. Plug-in detectors require no maintenance, so you won’t need to remember to change any batteries.


With a digital carbon monoxide detector, you’ll be able to monitor the levels of the gas in your home at any time. This can be useful if you have family members who are sensitive to carbon monoxide exposure, such as little babies and older people. Those with heart or respiratory health conditions would also benefit from a digital detector.


This is another feature that is helpful for those who are more vulnerable to carbon monoxide. Low-level detectors will sound an alarm for lower levels of the gas compared to other detectors.


A detector that is system-connected and monitored will be wired to a security or fire panel. It will notify a central station who will then send officials to your home when high levels of carbon monoxide is detected. This feature is helpful since most deaths happen during the night when people are sleeping.

Most carbon monoxide detectors come with at least two of these features. Shop around to find a detector that meets your needs and has all the features that you want.

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