Buying HVAC Equipment? Online Vendor Or Local Certified Expert?

Buying HVAC Equipment? Online Vendor Or Local Certified Expert?

When you’re buying HVAC equipment for a new installation or an upgrade, the first choice you’ll have to make is whether you should go with an online purchase or buy from a local dealer. Although buying online sounds tempting, it has hidden pitfalls that make it a bad idea in the long run.

HVAC installation requires training and specialized knowledge to make sure the correct size of equipment is purchased and to make sure that the equipment is installed safely.

Picking the right size of equipment is vital to your home’s energy efficiency. Changes in the efficiency features on modern HVAC equipment mean you can’t simply rely on the size of your old unit. If you’re not sure how to calculate the heating or cooling load you need to suit your specific home, you could end up costing yourself a significant amount of money in higher energy bills.

Perhaps even more importantly, Georgia law states that only licensed installers may install HVAC equipment. Many installers will only install equipment purchased through a dealer to ensure that the equipment is new and in proper working condition. Even if you were to buy HVAC equipment online, you would have no way of installing it.

You may also be unable to get a warranty for the HVAC unit you purchase online. Many manufacturers will only warranty units bought from and installed by authorized dealers. They don’t offer warranties on units purchased online and installed by people without the proper training because the unit often ends up damaged in the process of installation or is simply the wrong unit for the house, causing problems to the whole HVAC system.

You should consider all the factors involved in buying HVAC equipment before you make your final decision whether to buy from a local dealer or online. What seems like a good online deal may not be as great as it first appears.

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