Water Heaters: These 5 Tips Will Give Energy Bills A Boost

Water Heaters: These 5 Tips Will Give Energy Bills A Boost

Water Heaters: These 5 Tips Will Give Energy Bills A BoostSaving energy at home puts more money in your pocket, and a great place to start is your water heater. Your heater is the third-highest utility expense in your home, following heating and cooling. Follow these five tips to help you save money:  

  • Insulate the tank. If you hold your hand against the heater tank and feel any warmth, your appliance needs insulating. Home-improvement stores sell insulation jackets or blankets. When covering tank for an electric heater, be sure you leave the thermostat uncovered. A gas heater is more complex because it requires fresh air for venting, so if you’re not familiar with gas, contact a plumber or utility technician to help you.
  • Turn the thermostat down to 115 or 120 degrees. This is especially important if you insulate your tank because heat can build around it. When you need hotter water, heat it on the stove or in the microwave.
  • Drain a quart of water from the tank every other month to reduce the dissolved solids that collect near the bottom of the tank. These solids increase the cost of heating water and by draining them away, you increase your heater’s life and lower your costs.
  • Put your water heater on a timer and set it to turn on just before you get up in the morning. If the whole family is gone during the day, program the timer to shut off after you leave and turn on before you get home.
  • Consider buying Energy Star-labeled water heaters when it’s time to replace your existing tank. Although the appliances cost a little more, your energy savings will be immediate and lasting.

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