Selecting A New Thermostat For Your Home? 3 Key Considerations

Selecting A New Thermostat For Your Home? 3 Key Considerations

If your air conditioner or furnace seems to run constantly without ever sufficiently cooling or heating your home, the thermostat may be the cause. When a thermostat does not regulate the temperature in the home properly, higher energy costs often result. Look at the following three considerations to help you in selecting a new thermostat for your home.

Determine The Type of Heating And Cooling System

The type of heating and cooling system determines the type of thermostat you’ll need to install. If you have central air and a furnace, you need a mechanical or electronic low-voltage thermostat. If you have baseboard heating or wall-mounted heat, you need a mechanical or electronic line-voltage thermostat.

  • Mechanical thermostats allow you to control the temperature in your home by changing the setting as desired.
  • Electronic thermostats provide you with precise control by allowing you to program the thermostat to maintain the desired temperature for a set period of time.

Programmable Or Non-Programmable

A thermostat effectively controls the temperature in your home while conserving energy and energy costs. When you use a mechanical thermostat, you have to be diligent about controlling the temperature to ensure you aren’t wasting energy and ultimately affecting energy bills. You can install a programmable electronic thermostat that has controls you program to regulate the temperature in your home during different times of the day. For instance, you can set the controls at a higher or lower temperature while you are at work and decrease or increase the temperature shortly before your return.

Is A New Thermostat Necessary?

If your thermostat is an older model, you may need to replace it, not only to increase the efficiency of the appliance, but also because some older models contain mercury. The mercury in the thermostat may be hazardous to the environment; you should consider replacing it with a newer model.   Also, many local utility companies offer rebates to the homeowner for upgrading to a programable thermostat.

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