Your New A/C: The SEER Rating Matters, But Weigh These 6 Features Too

Your New A/C: The SEER Rating Matters, But Weigh These 6 Features Too

The high summer temperatures and stifling humidity in Georgia make central air conditioning a necessity for comfortable living. If you’re upgrading to a new central air conditioner, you probably already know that the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER rating, is a large factor. If you can find a SEER rating of 14 or higher, your air conditioning costs will be more manageable this summer.

However, there are six other features you should look for in addition to the SEER rating when making an A/C upgrade:

  1. High EER rating: The energy efficiency ratio (EER) rating is similar to the SEER rating, but EER refers to how efficiently the system runs when the weather is at its hottest, while SEER ratings refer to efficiency over the entire cooling season. Look for 11.6 EER or higher for the greatest cooling capabilities, even on the hottest days.
  2. Variable-speed air handler: Many units have only a single-speed air handler, so the system can only run on high. A variable-speed air handler gives you the option of running the system on low when cooling demands are lower. This keeps your home at a more consistent temperature and consumes less energy when the system runs on low.
  3. Quiet operation: A quiet air conditioner is one that provides you with excellent interior comfort without any annoying background noise.
  4. Fan-only switch: At night when it’s cooler, you can use the fan-only switch for ventilation to greatly reduce your cooling costs.
  5. Filter check light: Instead of guessing the best time to change the air filter, this feature provides you with a notification based on a specific number of operating hours that have elapsed since the filter was installed.
  6. Automatic-delay fan switch: If the fan continues to blow for a few minutes after the compressor has shut off, all the cold air in the ductwork is able to circulate around your home. This increases your level of comfort and helps keep cooling costs down.

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