Your Heat Pump: Tend To It While You’re Tidying The Yard

Your Heat Pump: Tend To It While You’re Tidying The Yard

Your Heat Pump: Tend To It While You're Tidying The YardYour heat pump will soon be working overtime keeping your family cool and comfortable. Take a few moments as you’re out in the yard to tend to your heat pump — before the height of summer.

Heat pump care and service

Periodic cleaning and professional service for your heat pump are necessary for efficient performance, optimal cooling (and heating), and to prevent malfunctions. By maintaining a clean system, you’ll optimize air circulation, which is vital in order for your heat pump to heat and cool your home efficiently.

The core components responsible for efficient heating, cooling and air circulation are two blowers (indoor and outdoor), a compressor, and two heat-exchanger coils, from which refrigerant extracts and releases heat. Between service calls, follow these easy tips for keeping these core components of your heat-pump system clean and running smoothly.

Remember to turn off the electricity to the system before performing these steps.

  • The outdoor unit houses a blower and heat exchanger. It’s important to keep the unit clear of obstructions that could block air flow. Obstructions may include leaves, weeds, strewn debris and snow and ice buildup in the winter.
  • Fences and shrubs should at least two feet away from the unit.
  • Do not place anything over or on the unit, including weather covering.
  • When tending to landscaping, be particularly careful not to damage tubing and electrical equipment.
  • If you have a lawn sprinkler system, make sure that water doesn’t contact the unit, as chemicals contained in the water, like sulfur or chlorine, can cause deterioration over time.
  • Periodically wash the unit with a garden hose, including the heat exchanger coil and blower. You may even choose to wash it with soap and wax it with auto polish for a more durable resistance to the elements.
  • A dirty air filter hinders air circulation, so be sure to clean or replace it as recommended by manufacturer.
  • The indoor heat exchanger coil and blower should be wiped clean of dust and dirt buildup as well.
  • Schedule regular service twice a year to keep your entire system tuned.

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