6 Problems That Can Cripple Your Air Conditioner

6 Problems That Can Cripple Your Air Conditioner

6 Problems That Can Cripple Your Air ConditionerThere are a number of things that can cause your air conditioner to work improperly, creating higher energy bills and causing damage to the unit. In order to keep your system working correctly, it is a good idea to inspect the AC unit regularly and correct any problems that may be occurring.

Here are six problems that can cripple your air conditioner:

  1. Drainage issues — A clogged drain in the A/C unit can create problems with the unit cooling properly. The excess moisture will prevent the system from operating efficiently, creating an uncomfortable environment in your home and result in higher energy bills.
  2. Sensor problems — Sensors in the thermostat are designed to send an electrical signal to the A/C unit, indicating when the system should come on or shut off. When the sensor is not working properly, it can prevent the unit from operating efficiently.
  3. Electrical system failure — When the electrical system is not operating properly, neither will the air conditioner. Corroded or bare wiring, which can be prevented with regular maintenance, should be replaced to correct the problem.
  4. Improper or sporadic maintenance — Old or dirty air filters can clog the system, causing it to work harder for the same output. Worn-out parts, such as the fans or compressor, can also effect the performance of the air conditioner system.
  5. Leaks in the refrigerant system — The tubing in the A/C system that delivers the refrigerant through the unit can become brittle from weather conditions, resulting in cracks and leaks. The system needs to be inspected regularly to prevent and repair leaks in the tubing.
  6. Loose or cracked ductwork — Ductwork that is not secured or is damaged can prevent the air generated by the A/C unit from reaching the interior of the home evenly, creating an ineffective cooling environment.

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