Did You Know You Could Save Energy Dollars While Away On Summer Vacation?

Did You Know You Could Save Energy Dollars While Away On Summer Vacation?

Did You Know You Could Save Energy Dollars While Away On Summer Vacation?Taking a summer vacation is a perfect way to unwind, relax and simply get away from the hassles of everyday life. Vacation time also offers a great opportunity to save money by making your home more efficient while you’re away. If you plan to take off on summer vacation this year, don’t miss the opportunity to save energy dollars.


Turn all the lights in your house off before you leave. If you prefer to leave the lights on for security reasons, just select a few lights and hook them up to a timer or motion sensor so they won’t have to be on all the time.


If you plan to be away from home for a month or more, empty out the refrigerator and unplug it. Be sure to leave the doors propped open to prevent mold. If you’re taking a shorter vacation, you can just get rid of highly perishable items like meat and dairy products, then set the fridge on its highest temperature setting until you get back.

Hot Water

There’s no need to leave the water heater running if there’s nobody around to enjoy the hot water. Turn the water heater off at the fuse box or circuit breaker panel before you leave.

Air Conditioning

If you’re concerned about heat damage in your home, you can program your air conditioner thermostat to stay set at 85 degrees.  That way, you can keep your home safe without running up a high cooling bill.

Swimming Pool

If you have a swimming pool, set the pool pump on a timer so it only runs for six hours a day instead of around the clock.


Most electronics draw power just by being plugged in, so anything that doesn’t need to run while you’re on vacation should be unplugged. This includes computers, stereos, alarm clocks, DVD players and televisions (unless you want to tape your favorite shows while you’re gone).

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