Thinking About A New Air Conditioner? Make Sure You Have It Properly Sized

Thinking About A New Air Conditioner? Make Sure You Have It Properly Sized

Thinking About A New Air Conditioner? Make Sure You Have It Properly SizedAs you make preparations to upgrade to a new air conditioner, you’re looking for cooling equipment that will both keep your home comfortable and save you money. Besides looking at SEER ratings and for features like filter check lights, you must make sure that your contractor is capable of sizing your new air conditioner to your specific needs. Because climate control sizing is the first step in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness, insist that your HVAC contractor utilizes Manual J load calculations to size your equipment.

What is Manual J?

Manual J load calculations are an industry-wide standard which is used to accurately determine your home’s latent and sensible cooling loads. These calculations tell your contractor exactly how much heat and moisture will need to be removed from your home on the hottest, most humid days.

How Manual J works

When sizing your new air conditioner, your HVAC contractor will consider several key factors including:

  • Your local climate
  • The shape, size and orientation of your home
  • Level of insulation your home is equipped with
  • Number and location of windows in your home
  • Household appliances which generate heat
  • Number and age of household occupants
  • Comfort preferences of household occupants

Benefits of Manual J

In addition to maximizing the effectiveness of your cooling equipment, proper sizing will simultaneously minimize your utility bill. A cooling system that’s too small will struggle to keep up with your home’s cooling demands.  Meanwhile, an air conditioning system that is too large will not be able to run on a long enough cycle to adequately dehumidify your home, leading to an excess of moisture buildup. This can leave your home feeling cold and clammy and create an environment which promotes mold and mildew growth. The perfectly sized air conditioner will keep you cool and dry while using only the energy it absolutely needs to run.

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