Ductless Mini Splits Offer All The Benefits Of A Heat Pump, Plus More

Ductless Mini Splits Offer All The Benefits Of A Heat Pump, Plus More

Ductless Mini Splits Offer All The Benefits Of A Heat Pump, Plus MoreWhether you’re building a new home or upgrading an older one in the Peachtree City area, ductless mini splits can provide you with an energy efficient way to cool your home. When combined with a heat pump, you have a duo that can save you a significant amount of money on your utility bills.

Ductless mini splits are air conditioners that function a little differently from the traditional central air systems. Rather than distributing conditioned air throughout a given area through a system of ducts, a ductless mini split uses an indoor air handler to distribute the air. The air handler is connected through a conduit to the outdoor compressor and condenser. The air handler can be placed anywhere on a wall or ceiling as long as it is within 50 feet of the outdoor unit.

Ductless mini splits are an energy efficient solution when you’re building a new home, adding on to an old one or adding air conditioning to a house that doesn’t already have ducts installed. Because they cool zones in your house rather than the entire house, you’re able to control which zones need to be cooled at a given time. You also avoid the loss of energy that occurs when air travels through a traditional duct system. This can cut down on your energy bill significantly.

Adding a heat pump to warm your house in the winter can give you even more energy efficiency. Heat pumps use less energy than traditional furnaces because they don’t use combustion to heat air. Instead, they draw heat energy from the air, or in some cases from the ground or from a nearby pond or lake. Even in the winter, there’s some heat energy present, and a heat pump is able to use it to warm the air it pumps into your home. By using less fuel, a heat pump can give you the savings in the winter that ductless mini splits give you in the summer.

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