Getting The Most From Your Tankless Water-Heating System

Getting The Most From Your Tankless Water-Heating System

tankless water heating peachtree georgiaAre you considering a tankless water-heating system for your Peachtree City home? This guide will help you optimize your savings and enjoyment of your tankless water-heating system.

Before purchasing a tankless water-heating system, you need to have some information in hand. Tankless water-heating systems are rated on flow rate and temperature rise. Knowing these numbers will help you get a system that fits your needs.

Flow rate is the gallons per minute produced by the maximum number of outlets that you would be using at any given time. For example, say you’re running the kitchen faucet, the dishwasher and two bathroom faucets at once, you need to add up the gallons per minute that each one puts out. This amount is the flow rate that you need. If you’re not sure of this information, you can check with the manufacturer of your outlets or have your installer do the calculations for you.

You also need to know the temperature rise that you’ll need. This is the number of degrees that water must be heated to reach your desired temperature. You can assume that your water generally is around 50 degrees when it isn’t heated. If you want the water to be heated to 120 degrees, you subtract 50 from 120 to get a 70 degree temperature rise.

Tankless water-heating systems range from being 12 to 34 percent more energy efficient than a traditional water heater. However, they aren’t necessarily designed to save on water usage, especially if you only have one unit for the whole house. Just like with a traditional water heater, you have to run the water until the heated water gets to you across all the feet of pipes between you and the water heater. By installing a point-of-use tankless water-heating system close to the outlets that will be using it, you can increase your energy efficiency to as much as 50 percent, and conserve more water, as well.

For more information about tankless water-heating systems, contact Powers Heating & Air. We’re proud to serve the Peachtree City area!

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