UV Lights Paired With Your HVAC System Can Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

UV Lights Paired With Your HVAC System Can Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

UV Lights Paired With Your HVAC System Can Boost Your Indoor Air QualityUltraviolet (UV) lights can boost the quality of your indoor air by destroying bacteria, mildew and mold spores. As part of a quality HVAC filtration system, UV lights improve indoor air quality and your family’s quality of life.

UV lights can be added to an existing HVAC filtration system or as part of a new HVAC unit. The Environmental Protection Agency named indoor air quality one of five top environmental health risks. Adding a UV filtration system can reduce that risk in your home.

How it works
UV lights over a titanium dioxide plate create a photocatalytic air purification effect. As part of a multistage HVAC filtration system, UV light removes particles down to .001 microns in size. Comparatively, HEPA filters, which may be part of the multistage filtration system, remove microns only as small as .3 microns.

Is it cost effective?
The installation of photocatalytic air purification to an existing system depends on whether your system is a compatible type and size. The add-on is less expensive than the new system including UV filtration. However, with bulbs lasting one to two years before requiring replacement, the additional costs after installation are relatively low. The benefits of the filtration, particularly in the homes of families with allergies or other breathing issues, can justify the additional costs.

Fighting allergies and colds
UV light filtration destroys the membranes around allergens, limiting the ability for the allergens to multiply and making the existing ones harmless. This filtration can be particularly beneficial in Georgia springs and summers. Limiting the allergens from the spring’s fall of “green snow” can be critical for allergy sufferers.

UV light filtration can also be an effective way to combat germs during cold and flu season. With each pass through your HVAC system, germs are removed from your air. This process will make your indoor air healthier and can help prevent the spread of germs, colds and flu.

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    Great tips for prepping your house prior to a vaotiacn. One thing to consider if you have plants around the house (or even pets) who you are leaving for a neighbor or friend to check in on, you shouldn’t shut off the water. If someone is checking in on the house daily, you should be fine. You’re home-sitter will also appreciate this should they need to use the restroom.

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