A Leaky Humidifier Means Trouble: Here’s What to Do

A Leaky Humidifier Means Trouble: Here’s What to Do

A Leaky Humidifier Means Trouble: Here's What to DoWhole-house humidifiers work well during the winter when houses are being heated and the air is dry. When they leak, they can cause substantial damage to your home. Here are a few suggestions for how to identify a problem and fix your leaky humidifier.


  • Water pressure too high – This is a simple fix, so check this first. It should be no higher than 125psi. If you find it is higher, simply reducing it may fix your problem.
  • Drain line clogged or kinked – If this happens, water backs up in the humidifier and may leak from the bottom or the sides. Stretch out the drain line and flush it with warm water to get rid of the clog and kinks. If this reveals any leak in the line, replace the line. Ideally, the drain line should be replaced annually.
  • Water panel evaporator is clogged – If the water panel evaporator is clogged, it causes a back-up of water, which causes the scale control insert to block the drain line. The scale control insert is the u-shaped structure that encases the water panel evaporator. This is another easy fix. Simply replace the water panel evaporator. Before installing it, clean the scale control insert to remove any blockage.
  • Solenoid valve is in the wrong position – The solenoid valve must be in the correct position to allow water to flow through. The valve can also be clogged, preventing it from opening and closing like it’s supposed to, which will cause a leakage around the valve. Turn off the water and the electricity, and then remove the valve. You can remove debris by spraying it with a can of compressed air or by thoroughly washing it using light pressure. If it still leaks when you replace it, you’ll need to get a new valve.

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