Solar Performance Factors: Include These In The Planning Process

Solar Performance Factors: Include These In The Planning Process

Solar Performance Factors: Include These In The Planning ProcessIf you are thinking about installing photovoltaic panels on your Georgia home, it’s important to understand the different factors that can influence the solar performance and output. Modern solar arrays are lightweight, have no moving parts, use highly reliable solid state electronics and, best of all, can give us significant energy savings. However, there are other performance factors that you should consider when planning a new installation and comparing specifications.


  • Power output: This is the maximum amount of power in watts that a system can generate. This can be expressed as a “peak” value or the “average” over a day.
  • Energy output: This represents the power output multiplied by the time and so is expressed in watt-hours. However, more useful values such as “watt hours per square meter” can be used when comparing specifications.
  • Conversion efficiency: This is the percentage of incoming solar energy that the photovoltaic panels actually convert into electricity. New technology is enabling higher conversion efficiencies, which can have a big impact on the efficiency of a solar installation.

The overall efficiency and output from your solar system is influenced partly by solar performance parameters that are under your control, and partly by site factors that you may or may not be able to control. For example, for an existing property, the size and orientation of the solar array are usually dictated by the roof space available, while for a new build you will have a lot of scope for optimization. Solar systems can provide a significant proportion of your overall energy requirements, but careful planning is needed to ensure that this is implemented in a cost effective way.

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