Troubleshoot Your Heat Pump In 3 Steps

Troubleshoot Your Heat Pump In 3 Steps

Troubleshoot Your Heat Pump In 3 StepsIncreasingly in homes today, air-source heat pumps are a more energy-efficient alternative to the standard air conditioner/furnace set-up. They provide very efficient heating and cooling by using the principle of refrigeration to transfer heat extracted from the air from one place to another. The only energy used is the small amount of electricity needed to conduct the heat and circulate the resulting conditioned air in your home. But what happens if your pump stops working? Here are three ways to help you troubleshoot your heat pump.


  • If your heat pump isn’t producing heat, first determine whether the culprit is your thermostat or circuit breaker. Start by verifying that your thermostat is on the “heat” setting. Then check that your circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped and you haven’t blown a fuse. Depending on what you find, you may have to replace a fuse or reset your breaker. In the case of an overload, it might be necessary to reset your heat pump’s motor. If the motor doesn’t start after your first attempt, give it another 30 minutes and then try again.
  • If your heat pump isn’t providing adequate heat, there may be something cutting off the airflow. Set your thermostat higher than room temperature and confirm that all your heat registers are open. Check your heat pump’s filter for dirt. These filters should be checked monthly whether the pump is cooling or heating your home and replaced when dirty. A reusable filter should be cleaned monthly according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • If your heat pump starts squealing, chances are it’s the air handler. Remove the access panel and check the belt slips that link the motor to the fan. Release the bolts that secure the blower motor. You can realign, adjust or replace your belt. This last step is likely to be outside the expertise of most homeowners, so don’t hesitate to contact a trusted professional if you have any doubts about your ability to complete this troubleshooting task.

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