Smart Thermostats Are the Wave of the Future for Programmed Home Environments

Smart Thermostats Are the Wave of the Future for Programmed Home Environments

Smart Thermostats Are the Wave of the Future for Programmed Home EnvironmentsWant a quick way to rein in those out-of-control energy costs? Smart thermostats are poised to change the way we handle our heating and cooling needs. Saving energy and money in your Peachtree City area home has never been easier.

All the features of programmable thermostats

A growing number of homeowners are discovering the benefits of programmable thermostats. These technological wonders enable you to program the time and duration of your heating and cooling equipment’s operation according to your daily and weekly schedule. This allows the homeowner to maintain better control over energy usage and costs, even when asleep or away at work or play. Smart thermostats have all of these functions, including vacation/hold capabilities and easy-to-read displays.

Smart features

Of course, similarities aren’t enough. What you really want to know about are upgrades. The new generation of smart thermostats offers a variety of added functions including:

  1. Internet connectivity – We all get delayed while coming home from time to time. If you get stuck somewhere, like the office or even out of town, you can make changes to your thermostat’s settings via an Internet connection.
  2. Smartphone app functionality – Smartphone apps are all the rage nowadays. Some models of smart thermostats include the capability of downloading an application that enables changes to be done directly from your phone. So the next time you’re in traffic with no means of escape, at least you won’t be wasting energy at home.
  3. A learning computer – What if your thermostat could learn your habits and use that information to help you save energy? That’s exactly what some of these smart models can do. Within days of use, they will adapt to your scheduling habits and make necessary alterations.
  4. Energy usage charting and evaluation – Smart thermostats can help you get your utility bills under control by providing you with easy-to-read charts that detail how you’re using your home’s energy over a specified period of time.

Not all smart thermostats offer all of these features, so when shopping, make sure you ask for a model that provides the features you desire.

If you require expert assistance with smart thermostats, or for questions about home comfort, be sure to contact the professionals at Powers Heating & Air. We provide year-round home heating and cooling service for Peachtree City and the surrounding area.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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