Heat Pump Maintenance Will Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Heat Pump Maintenance Will Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Heat Pump Maintenance Will Extend the Life of Your EquipmentHeat pump maintenance is essential to the optimum efficiency and performance of your cooling and heating system. Neglecting routine heat pump maintenance can result in 10-25 percent higher energy bills as well as damage to your heat pump’s mechanical parts. Heat pump maintenance, which should be performed at least once a year by an experienced technician, will significantly extend the life span of your heat pump.

While professional heat pump is necessary, there are a few things you can check before calling in a technician:

  • Replace heat pump filters when they get dirty. They should be replaced every every one to six months depending on how often the equipment runs and other factors in your home, such as pets and number of occupants. If the filter looks dirty, change it.
  • Clean all coils, grills and fans so that airflow is not restricted through the system.
  • Remove dirt, vegetation or debris around your outdoor unit to ensure maximum airflow.
  • Check that your duct system is properly insulated and does not have any leaks.
  • Make sure that indoor return and supply registers are clean and clear of obstacles such as furniture, drapes or rugs.
  • Inspect electrical motors, components and belts for wear and tear.
  • Remember to always run your thermostat on “Auto,” as running the compressor and motor at unnecessary times can eventually lead to system malfunctions.

Once you have checked these areas, you should have an experienced professional service technician come and test the airflow through your home. He/she can tell which areas of your home need attention. Installing louvered grills in walls or doors throughout your home can improve airflow.

Refrigerant charge levels should also be checked by your technician. Do not attempt to charge refrigerant on your own as an improper charge can lead to a severe decrease in efficiency and comfort as well potential damage to your heat pump. In many areas, it’s illegal to work with refrigerant without proper certification.

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