Upgrading to a Zoning System Lets You Take Control of Home Temperatures

Upgrading to a Zoning System Lets You Take Control of Home Temperatures

Upgrading to a Zoning System Lets You Take Control of Home TemperaturesDoes it seem like no matter how much you fiddle with the thermostat, you can’t make your home and everyone in it comfortable? Upgrading to a zoning system is a simple and effective solution tailored to your situation and needs, which lets you take back control of your home comfort and energy bills.

Tailored temperatures

There are many elements that contribute to uneven temperatures in a home. The following lists highlight common contributing factors to this issue, and why upgrading to a zoning system might be a good idea in your Georgia home:

  • Varying heat gain throughout the day in regards to sun orientation
  • Rooms with large windows
  • Sprawling floor designs
  • Occupants with different temperature likes and dislikes
  • Multiple levels
  • Room additions or retrofitted attic and/or basement space
  • Home office, media room, rec room and other spaces that may benefit with separate cooling and heating
  • High ceilings and open spaces

How a zoning system works

A zoning system is a network of thermostats (one per zone) and duct doors or dampers that maintain separate temperatures, as desired, from zone to zone based on each zone’s thermostat set point. This gives you the distinct advantage of cooling and heating only the spaces needed at any given time of day or night.

For instance, you may maintain perfect sleeping temperatures for each occupant and happily dream of all the energy savings you’re getting. Cool and heat only the areas occupied during daytime hours, such as a home office or specific floor.

Designing a zoning system

When you’re upgrading to a zoning system, you’ll need an experienced HVAC contractor that takes the time to correctly calculate heat gain/loss from room to room, evaluate ductwork design and perform a thorough energy audit to locate home-efficiency issues that may compromise a well-designed zoning system. These are just a few of the criteria your HVAC contractor uses:

  • Rooms and areas in a zone should be contained to the same floor
  • Rooms and areas with similar heat gain in relation to sun orientation should be zoned together
  • The energy-usage habits and temperature preferences of household occupants will be analyzed

If upgrading to a zoning system makes sense for your home, call the cooling and heating professionals at Powers Heating & Air today for more information. We serve homeowners in Peachtree City and the surrounding area.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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