Your Split Air Conditioner: Keeping What’s Outside in Sync With What’s Inside

Your Split Air Conditioner: Keeping What’s Outside in Sync With What’s Inside

Your Split Air Conditioner: Keeping What's Outside in Sync With What's InsideA split air conditioner features two main components: an indoor unit that removes heat and provides conditioned air to your home and an outdoor unit that expels heat extracted from indoor air. Both components work best when they’re properly matched with each other, as they are when you buy a new split A/C system. By keeping the two matched up, you’ll keep your entire system in sync and your home cool and comfortable.

The outdoor and indoor units are sold together as a pair for a very good reason. Both components are designed to operate as one to deliver the best efficiency and cooling performance possible. Buying one without buying the other is like buying a car without an engine – you won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Likewise, if you can get them to work together (not a foregone conclusion), your cooling performance will suffer, and eventually you may not have any cooling at all.

However, some homeowners make the mistake of replacing just one half of a split air conditioner under the mistaken belief that they’re saving money. Instead, they’re setting themselves up for frequent expensive service calls as well as an eventual replacement of the entire system. Connecting a new outdoor unit to an older indoor unit, or vice-versa, adds tremendous stress on both units, resulting in faster wear of internal parts and eventual failure.

Meanwhile, your mismatched system will suffer a drastic reduction in overall performance. A loss of overall energy efficiency and increased energy costs are also common for mismatched systems. The biggest expense of all? Replacing both failed units for a matched split A/C system – something that should have been done in the first place.

Don’t fall into the trap of mixing and matching your split air A/C system. A qualified contractor can help you pick a winning matched combination capable of providing your home with the cooling comfort it needs. After all, keeping your system in sync is critical for beating the heat.

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