The Oversized Air Conditioner: When Too Much of a Good Thing Is Bad

The Oversized Air Conditioner: When Too Much of a Good Thing Is Bad

The Oversized Air Conditioner: When Too Much of a Good Thing Is BadAlthough homeowners want air conditioning that won’t struggle to cool their homes during the warmest days of the year, an oversized air conditioner isn’t a good solution. In humid climates like ours, it’s especially common to find incorrectly sized A/C installations. Too large an A/C has three main drawbacks:

Unnecessary cost

When you buy a new A/C that’s larger and more expensive than necessary, you’re throwing money away. Homeowners sometimes mistakenly believe that the largest A/C they can get is the best cooling solution for their home. This thinking not only wastes money, it ignores the fact that air conditioner sizing is a complex process that not only considers the size and layout of your home, but many other factors as well. For example, if your home is airtight and well insulated, you won’t need as big a cooling system as it might need otherwise. Your reliable HVAC contractor should perform a Manual J calculation to determine your home’s correct cooling load. This will also pinpoint areas in your home where you can improve energy efficiency.

More frequent repairs

Because an oversized air conditioner cycles more frequently, there’s more wear and tear on its components. It turns on and off many more times in an average day than necessary. It also wastes energy, since start-up is the time when the most energy is used. Just as frequent stop-and-go driving increases vehicle wear, an A/C that’s too big won’t last as long as it should.

Humidity and comfort

Another problem caused by frequent cycling is an increase in humidity. A/Cs are designed not only to lower the air temperature but to reduce humidity. If the unit runs for only a few minutes, it may cool the air, but it doesn’t run long enough to remove moisture. You may feel uncomfortable and turn down the A/C even more, wasting energy. During a humid summer, your new A/C should run long enough to keep the relative humidity below 60 percent. If your A/C cycles on for 10 minutes or less, it’s probably oversized.

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