Ductwork Issues Hindering Airflow? Common Obstructions Pros Look Out For

Ductwork Issues Hindering Airflow? Common Obstructions Pros Look Out For

Ductwork Issues Hindering Airflow? Common Obstructions Pros Look Out ForUnless your home is new, or you have recently had your ducts redesigned, ductwork issues may be compromising your HVAC system’s efficiency. One of the most common duct issues is caused by various obstructions. Any obstruction can reduce airflow through the ducts, which forces your HVAC system to work harder in order to maintain your indoor comfort.

Here are some of the common obstructions a pro will look for when evaluating ductwork issues:

Air filter issues. Dirty or clogged air filters are considered an obstruction, as they prevent air from being sucked through the filter properly. While semi-annual maintenance visits include filter changes, most manufacturers recommend filter changes every two or three months, and as often as monthly in some circumstances. If you suffer from allergies, changing your filters monthly can help. Every once in while, a filter can be sucked into the ductwork, which will cause bigger airflow problems.

Leaky ducts. Leaky ducts allow insulation and other debris from attic and crawl spaces to infiltrate the system. Even small amounts of collapsed insulation can cause a difference in energy efficiency. Even well-sealed ducts can form leaks as duct tape and other sealants dry out and corrode. Any leaks will erode the overall efficiency of your ductwork.

Collapsed ducts. If your ducts become dented, or a flex duct collapses in on itself, it will prevent air from moving smoothly through the system. Small dents may be repairable, but large-scale collapses will require section replacements.

Stuck dampers. Fire and zone dampers can become stuck in the closed or nearly-closed position, preventing conditioned air from getting to your living space.

Miscellaneous debris. It’s worthwhile to have your ducts inspected even if you have moved into a relatively newer home. Sometimes, miscellaneous construction debris may get into ductwork, causing obstructions. If you have recently experienced a rodent or pest infestation, your ducts may have nesting material, accumulated pest waste, or even carcasses left behind. A thorough duct cleaning will remove these obstructions, and will improve your indoor air quality as well.

Are ductwork issues affecting your home comfort? Please contact us at Powers Heating & Air to have the ducts in your Peachtree City home inspected by HVAC experts.

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