5 Energy-Saving Myths That Trick Many Peachtree City Homeowners

5 Energy-Saving Myths That Trick Many Peachtree City Homeowners

5 Energy-Saving Myths That Trick Many Peachtree City HomeownersAs homeowners, we’re all searching for ways to lower our energy usage and associated costs. Unfortunately, there are some energy savings myths out there that many people continue to follow. We’re here today to debunk a few of those misconceptions.

Myth #1: Lowering your thermostat drastically will cool or heat your home more quickly. Most forced-air cooling and heating systems are equipped with single-speed blowers. They cool or heat your home at the same rate no matter how low (or high) you set the thermostat. By setting the temperature at an unreasonably low (or high) level, you’ll just waste energy by running the A/C or furnace too long.

Myth #2: Leaving ceiling fans turned on will keep rooms cool when you’re away. Ceiling fans do not lower a room’s temperature. Fans cool us off because they increase the evaporation of sweat, which helps lower our body temperature. As a result, a ceiling fan isn’t doing any good by operating in an empty room.

Myth #3: When you leave home, switch off your A/C. This depends on how hot it’s going to get while you’re gone. If it’s particularly hot or cold outside, it’s better to keep your comfort system operating at a reduced level while you’re gone. If you turn it completely off, your system will struggle to return your home to a comfortable temperature when you do get home, and take a lot of time doing it. A programmable thermostat is the best way to manage temperatures for both energy savings and comfort.

Myth #4: To boost your cooling system’s efficiency, close the vents. Unless you’re using a zoned system, closing a register will do nothing but block the cold air from being released into a specific area. Your A/C unit will continue to run, regardless. And because forced-air systems are balanced for both supply and return air, closing off rooms will throw that balance out of whack.

Myth #5: Running your A/C is the only way to cool off. Human beings have a tendency to reach for the A/C when we want to cool off. But there are alternative ways to keep cool, such as using a floor or ceiling fan, or opening windows on cool evenings to air out the house. This will delay the time in the morning when you have to turn the A/C back on.

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