Curious About Tankless Water Heaters? Here’s How They Work

Curious About Tankless Water Heaters? Here’s How They Work

Curious About Tankless Water Heaters? Here's How They WorkIs the temperature you’re getting from your hot water faucets just not as good as it should be in your Peachtree City area home? If you’re thinking about replacing your water heater, a tankless water heater could be an excellent upgrade for your home.

How Tankless Water Heaters Work

When you turn on the hot water taps, the cold water from your pipes flows through the tankless water heater unit, where a heating element warms the water, which is then delivered straight to your faucet on-demand. The burner inside your tankless water heater can be fueled by either gas or electric energy, but it only uses energy while you have it turned on. This eliminates the wasted energy that occurs with conventional water heaters, which heat the water constantly, whether you’re using it or not.

Questions to Ask Before Buying

  • What type of fuel? If you’re going to be using gas, consider finding a unit with an intermittent ignition device to save on pilot light costs. The other option is electricity.
  • Will you need more than one? Large households with a lot of water usage might need multiple units installed, or a separate unit for the dishwasher or washing machine.
  • What is the initial cost? What will it cost to maintain?
  • Make sure you have your unit installed by qualified professionals to make sure it works properly.


  • On top of a few easy ways to make sure you get the most from your tankless water heater, these systems save money with lower operating costs by only using energy when you need it.
  • Tankless units tend to last much longer than regular water heaters, plus proper maintenance extends life even further
  • Doesn’t run out of hot water like regular water heaters can do when their tanks become empty. But in order for this to apply, you need to size your tankless system for whatever simultaneous hot water needs you may have. This may require you to get one or more supplemental tankless units in addition to a whole-house model.

If you would like more information about tankless water heaters, or about any other aspects of your home comfort, please contact us at Powers Heating & Air. We provide quality heating and cooling services for the Peachtree City area year round.

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