Holiday Energy Saving: Plan Now With These Tips

Holiday Energy Saving: Plan Now With These Tips

Holiday Energy Saving: Plan Now With These TipsHomeowners looking for ways to cut expenses this holiday season should look no further than their energy spending. In addition to decorations, holiday gifts, and additional food expenses, the energy you spend to light up your home can cost you extra. However, with a few thoughtful energy saving changes to your routine, you can get your holiday season utility bills back in check

Here are energy saving strategies your family can use this winter:

  1. Switch to LED. Have you made the switch to LED lights? If not, it’s time to make the change. LED lights are 90 percent more efficient. Keep on the lookout for offers from home improvement stores, your local municipality, and even some chain grocery stores. They may offer rebate incentives, so trading in your old incandescent lights will give you a discount on your new LED lights.
  2. Install timer systems. Have your lights set on timers so the holiday lights turn on when it gets dark, and turn off when you go to bed. Once your interior holiday lights are on, see how much additional light is necessary and turn off any regular lights you don’t need.
  3. Invest in fiber optics. Fiber optic holiday decorations use a series of filaments to conduct and magnify the light source. Many of them use a single bulb; as a result, they are very energy efficient.
  4. Maintaining your heating equipment. Have you scheduled your HVAC fall maintenance yet? Do so now before the holiday season gets underway. In addition to ensuring it will work when you need it, maintenance is the key to an energy-efficient heating and cooling system.
  5. Try adapting to cooler temperatures. Lower the thermostat setting a few degrees and see if you can adapt to the cooler environment. You’d be surprised how quickly the human body can adapt to lower temperatures. Plus, they make sweaters for a reason.
  6. Vacation setting. If you’re going to be out of town, make sure you lower your thermostat settings and put just a light or two on a timer so you aren’t spending money on unnecessary energy.

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