A Ventilation System to Freshen the Air: Choose One That Offers These Benefits

A Ventilation System to Freshen the Air: Choose One That Offers These Benefits

A Ventilation System to Freshen the Air: Choose One That Offers These BenefitsTo freshen the air in your Peachtree City area home, you should consider a mechanical ventilation system. A whole-house ventilation system offers an excellent way to maintain optimum indoor air quality all year round. There are four main types of mechanical ventilation systems available for installation in your Georgia home – exhaust, supply, balanced and energy recovery.

Exhaust Ventilation

This mechanical system is best used in homes with an open floor plan, where depressurization doesn’t pose a safety, health or structural durability risk. It utilizes a fan to remove indoor air from your house.

Supply Ventilation

This system is a good option for homeowners with respiratory issues or chemical sensitivities, as it draws and filters incoming air from uncontaminated areas. The filtered air is routed through your main HVAC return duct, allowing air to be heated or cooled before circulating throughout your home. Additional exhaust fans can be included in kitchen and bathrooms to remove excess odors and moisture.

Balanced Ventilation

This more versatile system equally exchanges air between your indoor and outdoor environment and can reduce the load on your central forced-air system by transferring heat energy.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

Similar to the balanced ventilation system, energy recovery ventilation goes a step further and transfers moisture as well as heat. This reduces the load on your air conditioner and prevents your home from becoming too dry or humid.

Whichever system you end up selecting, it’s important to seek out a specific product with the following qualities:

  • Quiet operation. Choose a unit with a fan noise rating of less than 1 sone.
  • Good controls. Choose a product with a programmable control that will allow you to adjust operation based on whether family members are home or not, thereby saving you in energy costs.
  • Good distribution. Consider remote in-line fans to provide better whole-house air distribution.
  • Filtration. Make sure that ventilation fans can be easily accessed for routine maintenance and that filters can be easily replaced.

For more information on ventilation systems, or for help in choosing the best model for your household, please contact our experts at Powers Heating & Air.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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