Get on Top of Pet Allergens in Your Home With These Tips

Get on Top of Pet Allergens in Your Home With These Tips

Get on Top of Pet Allergens in Your Home With These TipsIf you are a homeowner with allergies to animal dander, it may seem like getting rid of your beloved pets is your only option. While many people pursue allergy treatments like allergy shots or medications, they may not realize that there are many things they can do to greatly reduce pet allergens in the home.

Pet allergies can be difficult to treat, but a few simple improvements around the house can alleviate many symptoms. Frequent cleaning will get rid of much of the hair and dander on furniture, floors and surfaces. Use a good vacuum and wash chair and couch covers frequently.

The air filter on your HVAC system should also be changed regularly. Inspect it once a month, and change it when it looks dirt. The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV, ratings for the filter will tell you how well that filter will remove particles from the air. A higher MERV rating (more than 7 on the 1-16 scale) means the filter will remove more pet allergens from the air in your home. Many filters tell you right on the packaging how well they are at removing allergens.

Another options for removing pet allergens from your home is a stand-alone air cleaner or purifier. These devices vary greatly in size, efficiency and cost.  HEPA filters are very effective, and can come as individual units or as add-ons for your heating and cooling system. UV light filters are another popular option, using ultraviolet radiation to kill bacteria, dust mites and germs, and neutralizing toxic compounds in the air.

Proper ventilation is also important inside the house. Some HVAC systems include a whole-house ventilation component, but if your furnace or air conditioner does not include this feature, consider having a separate ventilation system installed. Options can range from a simple exhaust fan, which removes air from inside the house, to a full balanced system that both pushes indoor air outside and brings clean air in.

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