Humidity Can Help Boost Your Comfort and Savings in Winter

Humidity Can Help Boost Your Comfort and Savings in Winter

Humidity Can Help Boost Your Comfort and Savings in WinterWith winter well under way, you may begin to long for the humidity of summer that made you so sticky and sweaty back in July. When it’s cold outside, the air becomes dry, and forced-air heating removes even more moisture from indoor air. But why is having the right amount of humidity so important?

Without proper moisture in your home, you could find yourself with a persistent cough, painful sinuses, dry and itchy skin, and chapped lips. In Winter, your furnace or heat pump is distributing dry, warm air. Dry air feels cooler, too, which means you’ll be cranking up the thermostat a few degrees higher than if your indoor air contained the proper amount of moisture. This costs money, so adding humidity to indoor air can actually lower your utility bills in the winter. Overall, having too little moisture can wreak havoc on you, your body and your home.

Installing a whole-house humidifier is an easy and effective way to control indoor humidity, especially in the winter. Health-wise, adding moisture to your indoor air reduces the spread of cold and flue germs by helping your nasal passages filter out harmful bacteria. You’ll also have fewer issues with dry skin and chapped lips. Adding humidity in the winter also will protect furniture, walls, paint and flooring, which will be protected with adequate moisture in the air. Additionally, a working humidifier will reduce static electricity, protect your vocal chords, reduce snoring, moisturize your skin and hydrate plants.

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