Furnace Add-ons That Offer Abundant Benefits All Year Round

Furnace Add-ons That Offer Abundant Benefits All Year Round

Furnace Add-ons That Offer Abundant Benefits All Year RoundA common mistake that many homeowners make is to have a brand new furnace installed and then leave it alone. This means the homeowners is losing out on various furnace add-ons that can improve not only the efficiency and performance of the furnace system, but also its safety. Options for furnace add-ons include:

Chimney liners. Chimney liners not only improve the efficiency of your furnace by providing a properly sized flue, but they also make your house safer. A chimney liner isn’t always needed depending on the type of furnace you have, so make sure to ask your HVAC contractor if it’s a good idea.

Air filters. Most furnaces come with standard flat-panel filters. Instead, you can install pleated filters or even a more sophisticated filtration system, to help with furnace efficiency and indoor air quality.

Programmable thermostats. These allow you to schedule temperature changes ahead of time, to fit your daily and weekly schedules. There’s no need to pay for heating your home comfortably while you’re at work and nobody’s home to enjoy it.

Humidifiers. After you have your furnace installed, get your HVAC contractor to check the humidity level. A different furnace can often change indoor relative humidity, and you may want to add moisture control by installing a whole-house humidifier with the furnace.

Furnace zoning. If you’re looking to save energy and money long-term, implementing a home zoning system may be the right add-on for you. Zoning allows you to control the heat provided by the furnace to different areas of your home. You can save by not heating unused areas, while providing home occupants with independent temperature control in different rooms or areas.

There are a lot of different options at your disposal. Set up a consultation with your preferred HVAC contractor to see which furnace add-ons will provide the most benefit to your home.

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