5 Home Energy Saving Tips That’ll Line Your Pockets This Winter

5 Home Energy Saving Tips That’ll Line Your Pockets This Winter

5 Home Energy Saving Tips That'll Line Your Pockets This WinterEven though winter is more than halfway over and spring’s not too far away, you probably would still like to save money on home heating if possible. Reducing your heating bills this winter isn’t difficult if you follow these five easy energy saving tips:

  1. Maintain your HVAC system Changing your furnace filter on a regular basis will help keep your HVAC system running at peak levels. Schedule a regular maintenance visit and perform any service recommended by the HVAC technician, including sealing duct leaks, cleaning the unit and upgrading necessary components for maximum energy saving.
  2. Invest in a programmable thermostat A programmable thermostat works on your schedule to keep your home warm when necessary. You can program the thermostat to drop several degrees when the home is empty or your family is asleep. Then it can be set to automatically return to your comfort level when you’re around to enjoy the heat.
  3. Take care of air leaks Sealing leaks around recessed lighting and the chimney, caulking windows, and using draft guards can save you nearly 20 percent on your winter heating costs. This prevents the heat loss caused by air leaks and keeps your home warmer.
  4. Use the sun Even though it may be cold outside, the sun still can be an excellent tool for heating your home this winter. Pull back the curtains and let the sun shine in your west- and south-facing windows to allow sunlight to naturally heat your home.
  5. Invest in Energy Star If this is the season to replace your furnace, ask the professional installation technician to install an Energy Star-certified unit. This certification provides confidence that you will save up to 30 percent on your home heating bills compared to using an non-Energy Star certified unit.

To learn more energy saving tips, contact the team at Powers Heating and Air in Peachtree City. We are committed to serving the heating and air conditioning needs of residents in the Atlanta area.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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