Forced-Air Furnace Troubleshooting Tips to Keep You Warm This Winter

Forced-Air Furnace Troubleshooting Tips to Keep You Warm This Winter

Forced-Air Furnace Troubleshooting Tips to Keep You Warm This WinterWhen there is a problem with your forced-air furnace, service calls can be quite expensive, especially outside of regular hours. With these forced-air furnace troubleshooting tips, you may be able to fix the problem on your own, keeping your family warm and more money in your pocket:

  • Uneven heating: Many systems have dampers in the registers or air ducts that can be opened or closed to make slight adjustments to the airflow in each room. Place a thermometer in each room about midway up the wall, away from any heating register or cold air return vents. Open or close the dampers in each room until all the thermometers read about the same. Have the system professionally balanced at your next maintenance appointment.
  • Cool air from ducts: If the air ducts run through unheated space like the attic or basement, make sure all the seams are sealed with aluminum tape or mastic and wrap the ducts in fiberglass insulation to avoid heat loss. Call a professional if that does not solve the problem.
  • Strange noises: Sounds like creaking, popping and clunking are typically related to the expansion and contraction of the air ducts and are harmless. To silence them, use proper hangers to support all the ducts. Metallic chirping, screeching and rattling may be related to the blower motor or the belt connecting it to the blower. Inspect the belt for damage, make sure the pulleys are properly aligned and lubricate the motor’s bearings, if possible. Loud whining or vibrations may be an indication of serious problems that require the help of a technician.
  • Air flow is too fast or too slow: Unscrew the set screw on the blower motor pulley, and turn the pulley clockwise a turn to increase air speed, counter clockwise to decrease air speed. You may have to adjust the alignment of the pulley with the blower fan afterwards. Have your contractor inspect it at the next maintenance appointment.

If these tips do not solve the issue with your forced-air furnace, contact our team at Powers Heating and Air. We serve Peach Tree City and surrounding areas.

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