Duct Cleaning is a Part of HVAC Maintenance: Schedule it for Spring

Duct Cleaning is a Part of HVAC Maintenance: Schedule it for Spring

Duct Cleaning is a Part of HVAC Maintenance: Schedule it for SpringSpring is in the air here in Peachtree City, Georgia, and spring cleaning has begun. As you are putting together your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget your HVAC system. If you haven’t recently, it might be a good idea to schedule duct cleaning as part of your HVAC maintenance this spring. Before you schedule your duct cleaning, consider these important points.

Is routine cleaning necessary?

There is some disagreement on this subject, and the answer will vary depending on who you ask. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that routine cleaning is not necessary, however they do recommend cleaning if contaminants such as dust or mold are present. On the other hand, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) believes routine cleaning is an important part of your HVAC maintenance.

When to have the ducts cleaned?

The NADCA recommends that you have your ducts cleaned every three to five years, depending on if there are pets in the home, smoking in the home, and what area of the country your home is located in.

What is duct cleaning?

The NADCA says that duct cleaning involves not just cleaning the ducts, but also the coils and central system as well. A professional cleaning will take several hours and several workers but will help keep your system healthy and working efficiently for years to come.

Who to hire?

You may be nervous about finding a professional to clean the ducts in your home. Advertisements abound about residential duct cleaning, with special sales and deals, and it may seem overwhelming to find the right person to hire. You will want to be sure to hire a professional company who has a solid reputation within your community. Having your ducts cleaned by a company without a good reputation could result in damage to your ducts, which is even more harmful than not cleaning the ducts at all.  Remember if they do not have an HVAC License, they are not qualified to service or clean your air conditioning equipment.

For more information on having your ducts cleaned this spring, contact our professionals at Powers Heating & Air. We have been helping Fayette and Coweta county homeowners improve their indoor air quality since 1979.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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