Tips to Sealing Air Leaks in Your Home

Tips to Sealing Air Leaks in Your Home

Tips to Sealing Air Leaks in Your HomeMany homeowners assume that sealing air leaks is only important in winter, and only in areas with harsh winters that are much colder than those we have here in Georgia. However, sealing air leaks is just as important in hot weather, and, with another scorching summer approaching, homeowners could save a lot of energy and money on air conditioning by sealing air leaks in their homes as soon as possible.

The first step in the sealing process is detecting all of your home’s air leaks. These are often around windows, doors, and other large openings, but can also be in the attic, foundation, near electrical outlets , or in other areas. For the most thorough inventory of air leaks, hire an inspector to do a home energy evaluation. Auditors have a lot of experience and tools that you may not have, both of which will help them find leaks that you may miss.

Once you have located leaks, you have a number of options for sealing them. Weatherstripping near doors is usually very effective, and caulk is often the preferred method for sealing air leaks in windows and walls. Spray foam insulation is also an option for larger gaps.

Small air leaks can waste a lot of energy, but issues with insulation can also cost you. Not everyone can afford to replace their old, drafty windows to save energy, but insulation can often be a low-cost upgrade with a major payoff, even in the summer. Loose-fill and batting options are widely available, and many types of insulation can be installed by homeowners themselves fairly easily.

Ductwork is also a common place for leaks to occur, but many homeowners don’t notice duct leaks, due to their relative invisibility. Duct leaks can overwork your air conditioning system, shortening its lifespan and costing you extra money. Duct leaks also decrease comfort in your home, as most air conditioners can’t compensate for the losses of cool air through leaks.

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