UV Lights Shine a Light on Bacteria and Mold to Eliminate

UV Lights Shine a Light on Bacteria and Mold to Eliminate

UV Lights Shine a Light on Bacteria and Mold to EliminateYou might know that bacteria and mold are bad for not only your health, but the performance of your HVAC system. While you can try to filter them out, in most cases a better option would be to install ultraviolet (UV) lights.

What are UV Lights?

A UV light bulb looks very similar to the regular bulbs you use in your home. The big difference is that a UV bulb shines light in the ultraviolet spectrum. When light from this spectrum is shined on a surface, it will break down the DNA of almost any small organism to eliminate the particle. Bacteria is just one of the micro-organisms that can be controlled by UV lighting. It is so effective that scientific labs and hospitals turn to UV technology to sterilize tools and offices.

Putting UV Lights in Your Peachtree City Home

Before you go out and buy a UV lamp and stick it somewhere in your home, you should know that location is critical for effectiveness. They are most effective on locations where a lot of air that contains bacteria pass by, ideally in a tight location where the micro-organisms will touch the surface.

If you are trying to improve your air quality, the best location is usually inside your ductwork. The light will destroy most of these contaminants before they enter your HVAC system and are circulated back into the air you breathe.

Another common goal is to keep your air conditioner running efficiently. The indoor evaporator coils are a moist place, which makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and other contaminants. Shining a UV lamp on your coils will destroy any existing buildup and prevent any future growth.

Proper installation of UV lighting will have a profound effect on the performance they deliver. If possible, call in a professional that has experience installing these lighting fixtures. For service in Peachtree City, feel free to contact Powers Heating & Air.

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