Copper Thieves Could Make Your Summer Hotter Than Imagined

Copper Thieves Could Make Your Summer Hotter Than Imagined

Copper Thieves Could Make Your Summer Hotter Than ImaginedThe summer season is the time when you need your air conditioner (A/C) more than ever. Most concerns revolve around potential breakdowns, but there is one thing that most owners neglect until it’s too late. The large amount of copper in your outdoor condenser unit is a target for copper thieves, and could leave you without A/C at the worst possible time. Protect your A/C from copper thieves with these tips:

  • Buy a box. Cages were originally designed to fit around outdoor A/C units and protect them from harsh weather. Since that time, they have been adapted to provide protection against theft as well by preventing access to important parts of the unit. This is the most expensive option, but also the most comprehensive solution.
  • Simple cameras. What used to be expensive is now relatively cheap. You can install a cheap motion-activated camera right around your outside condenser unit to capture any potential thieves on film. Getting a good image can be key to catching any culprits. Putting up signs that display you have security cameras may also deter thieves.
  • Stop robberies with an alarm. Another simple but effective way to deter thieves is to install an alarm. There are special ones designed just for your A/C that will trigger if someone attempts to steal your copper and scare them away. Call a home security or HVAC consultant if you want to find out what your best alarm options are.
  • Hide your system. The simplest way to prevent robberies is to hide your condenser unit. Install it in the backyard and out of the way if possible. If you are able to cover it with bushes or furniture it will be even harder to spot. A thief can’t steal your copper if he can’t find it.

If you want a professional opinion on the best way to protect your Peachtree City home’s A/C, contact the experts at Powers Heating & Air.

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