Learn How Keeping Your Outdoor A/C Clean Boosts Efficiency

Learn How Keeping Your Outdoor A/C Clean Boosts Efficiency

Learn How Keeping Your Outdoor A/C Clean Boosts EfficiencyDealing with the summer humidity of Peachtree City can be difficult, so making the most of your air conditioner is important. Running your air conditioner at high efficiency can not only cool you down, but save you money. By keeping your outside A/C clean, you can increase the efficiency of your A/C.

Clear Airflow

Making the most of your A/C is a simple concept. The more airflow that can go through the exterior condenser coils, the colder the air that is being blown out into your home. Any debris on the A/C decreases the amount of air that can reach the coils, and the A/C works harder than needed to get air into the system. Keeping your outside A/C clean will keep optimal airflow. On a similar note, any plants growing near the A/C should be moved if they are making a barrier for the air flow. If the A/C is kept clean and clear, it will take less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Routine Service

Another way of increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner is to get routine service calls. This will ensure that everything is functioning at the highest level, and if any adjustments are needed the unit can be fixed and made to operate at that level. Seasonal maintenance service can also save you from repairs being needed in the future.

For any information on boosting the efficiency of your air conditioner, contact Powers Heating and Air. We provide Pechtree City and the surrounding areas heating and cooling services all year long.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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