A Refrigerant Charge May Be All You Need to Keep Cool this Summer

A Refrigerant Charge May Be All You Need to Keep Cool this Summer

A Refrigerant Charge May Be All You Need to Keep Cool this SummerIf you have noticed that your air conditioner has been operating with less efficiency recently, or that it is not cooling rooms to the level that it did when first installed, you should check the refrigerant level before taking any drastic steps .

Ordinarily levels of refrigerant remain pretty much constant in your cooling system, unless a leak develops and the refrigerant escapes. Before you think about costly air conditioning repairs or even replacement of your system, you should check to see if maybe the only thing needed is a refrigerant charge.

What is a refrigerant charge?

A refrigerant charge is simply a procedure in which the gases that may have leaked out of your system are replaced and brought back to the level which allows your unit to operate at peak efficiency. This depleted gas condition can easily be detected by an appropriate pressure gauge, although you may want a qualified HVAC technician to do this for you, so it can be done correctly and the results can be properly interpreted.

If your technician does in fact determine that a refrigerant charge is all that is needed to get your unit back to efficient operation, it is a fairly simple process to carry out re-charging. Most air conditioning units have a built-in service port specifically designed to make this procedure easy to carry out.

A recharge kit will be used to connect to the service port and while the air conditioner compressor is still running, the transfer of gas to the air conditioner will be accomplished. This insures that even charging is done and the gas charge can settle. Frequent pressure checks during the process guarantees that a level will be achieved that matches the specifications of the manufacturer for optimum performance of the air conditioning unit.

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