An HVAC System Retrofit Could Be What Your Home Needs

An HVAC System Retrofit Could Be What Your Home Needs

An HVAC System Retrofit Could Be What Your Home NeedsJust as you can have parts of your vehicle replaced with original equipment or remanufactured parts to save the expense of replacing it entirely, you can also see if an HVAC system retrofit might be more advantageous than replacing your entire system. Some parts of heating and cooling systems can be replaced to prolong the lifetime of the system or update it for better performance.


In 2010, manufacturers could not use R-22 as a refrigerant any longer. R-22 is being phased out and its price has risen substantially as a consequence. By 2020, the only R-22 available will be recovered refrigerant from other systems. If your equipment uses this refrigerant, you may find that refilling it with R-22 is quite expensive. You might find that retrofitting your system to use the more environmentally friendly and efficient R410-A makes financial sense.


Ductwork leaks can occur at any time and are fairly straightforward for an HVAC technician to repair. However, if you have significant problems with mold growth or other damage, you can replace sections of the ducts as part of an HVAC system retrofit. Replacement registers are also available should they become damaged or don’t match your home’s interior style.

Replacement Parts

Motors in the air handler and outdoor condenser will eventually wear out, and these can be replaced with other compatible motors. One of the most energy efficient motors available is called an ECM, short for electronically commutated motor. These use far less electricity than a typical motor and run more quietly. Such a motor may be compatible with your HVAC system.

Compressors are also a replaceable item. Sometimes the original equipment may be available, and if not, remanufactured parts are also a viable option. A working compressor is vital to your cooling system.

If your HVAC system isn’t running as it should and your energy bills are climbing, contact Powers Heating & Air for more information about an HVAC system retrofit. We’ve provided top-notch HVAC services for the Peachtree City area since 2001.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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